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Private Rehabilitation Session


  • 1 小 15 分鐘
  • 120 Singapore dollars
  • Lorong 4 Toa Payoh


Yoga is increasingly used in various treatment programs to help prevent relapse and provide a healthy outlet to cope with stress in our daily life. A private session with our instructors allow you to practice yoga therapy for specific problems such as rehabilitation, with a practice routine 100% tailored to your needs. Suitable for: ⚫Depression ⚫Anxiety ⚫Spinal aliment ⚫Mental focus ⚫Lower & Upper back arch & pain ⚫Hip & Knee pain ⚫Hypertension ⚫Heart problems ⚫Stroke recovery ⚫High / Low blood pressure ⚫Muscle, bone and nerves ⚫Arthritis ⚫Pregnancy Please call to book a session. 瑜伽越来越多地用于各种治疗计划中,以帮助预防复发并提供健康的出口来应对我们日常生活中的压力。我们的私人会诊可让您针对特定问题(例如康复)练习瑜伽疗法,并根据您的需求量身定制您的练习。 适合那些有: ⚫抑郁症 ⚫焦虑 ⚫脊椎饮食 ⚫精神焦点 ⚫下,上背部弓和疼痛 ⚫臀部和膝盖疼痛 ⚫中风恢复 ⚫高血压/低血压 ⚫肌肉,骨骼和神经 ⚫关节炎 ⚫怀孕 请打电话预约。


  • 192 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310192

    6513 0883

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